Nastran or Samcef with Python, Ruby, VBA, C#, excel...

A Library distributed under LGPL license that allows you to automate the post-processing of Nastran and Samcef  finite element results

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FeResPost library description


We propose below a few small scripts illustrating the use of FeResPost to automate operations on finite element models, groups, results...

The examples listed below are only a small subset of the examples distributed with FeResPost. FeResPost examples .
These examples are described and commented in FeResPost Reference Manual that gives more more technical information than what we provide in the linked pages below. As the examples are presented in a sequence that increases the complexity of post-processing operations, the manual that described them should be considered as a tutorial, and we strongly advise new users to spend some time reviewing, testing and modifying these example to familiarize with FeResPost.

Examples with Ruby

Ruby script for reading Nastran BDF file 

Ruby script for access to Nastran Results read from HDF5 file. 

Examples with Python

Python script for reading Nastran BDF file
Python script for the manipulation of Groups

Python script for the extraction of results from Nastran XDB file

Python script for the extraction of information from Nastran XDB file

Python scripts showing how Results can be extracted from OP2, XDB or HDF files

Examples with COM component

The examples presented here are using FeResPost COM component:
  • This limits the applicability of the examples to Windows platforms. As far as we know, the COM component cannot be used on UNIX/LINUX platforms.
  • On the other hand, the COM component can be used with various languages that support COM. For example: Ruby, Python, Perl, VBA, C++, C,...
FeRespost is distributed with examples of scripts using COM component and written in different languages (Ruby, Pyhton, C++, VBA). We think however, that VBA is particularly interesting for it allows you to access FeResPost from excel. We present below examples of FeResPost being used from excel:

Classical Laminate Analysis in excel using FeResPost COM component

Extraction of Nastran XDB file results into axcel using FeResPost COM component

Post-processing a large selection of load cases on an entire structure with excel using FeResPost COM component.

Examples with C#

A C# program using FeResPost .NET assembly and that reads stresses from Nastran OP2 file

by Renaud Sizaire