Nastran or Samcef with Python, Ruby, VBA, C#, excel...

A Library distributed under LGPL license that allows you to automate the post-processing of Nastran and Samcef  finite element results

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FeResPost requirements and other programs

System requirements and other programs


    So far, Results of Nastran and Samcef solvers can be post-processed:



Operating systems and programming languages

The library is distributed as a ruby extension (LINUX and Windows), as a COM component (Windows only) and as a .NET assembly (Windows only).  In order to use FeResPost you need to install first one of the corresponding programming languages :
The programming language in which all those operations are programmed is object oriented and allows the development of very sophisticated and large post-processing programs, or very small tools, according to the wishes of the programmer.

Other resources

Besides the installation of the programming language you wish to use, a few other programs may help you to develop scripts using FeResPost. The examples distributed on this web site and discussed in the User Manual sometimes assume that thos programs have been installed on your computer. For example:

by Renaud Sizaire